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ACE Coordinator

Dan Gleason

HCHA ACE Coordinator

Phone: 612-804-3654

What is an ACE Coordinator you ask?

The ACE (Association Coaching and Education Program) Coordinator is responsible for:

- Gathers and organizes all potential coaching candidates.  Recruits coaches at all levels.  Obtains all Background forms.
- Lead and/or participate in coach identification and selection process.   Recruit interviewers and candidates and coordinate interviews.  Follow up on references.
- Leads coach development for HCHA.
- Works with Hockey Development Director in planning and implimenting Hockey Development Program
- Mentor coaches by evaluating practice sessions and games and providing improvement feedback to the coaches.
- Coordinates communication and interaction between the coaches and the Hockey Development staff.
- Establishes and promotes a coaching resource library (Parent meetings, player evaluation forms, and other collateral information that is the coaches utilize.
- Communicate CEP certification requirements and CEP clinic dates.
- Lead player skill development through implementation of:
- Minnesota Hockey HEP (Hockey Education Program) Skill Challenge program
- USA Hockey skill development and cross-ice programs
- HCHA skill sessions
- Work with the Coaches to achieve the HCHA’s game to practice ratios.
- Plan, organize and conduct skill development training sessions both on and off ice for coaches.
- Liaison to the A Coaches and Age Level coordinators during evaulations
- Reports to the Hockey Operations Director.